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        Tongjie Precision Mould Limited  is a professional mould and component maker in china. We're specialized in precision moulds and all kinds of precision spare parts design and machining.  With more than 10 years experience, we already serve a lot of domestic and foreign customers.

        In order to satisfy the growing demand on the accuracy in high-end mould market, and maintain superior competitiveness, we have introduced world-class precision processing machines  and inspection equipment.


        We work with high-efficient project management system,  using  advanced technology to help our clients improving the product and mould structures. Our experienced engineers are able to carry out projects smoothly to ensure high quality and in-time delivery.


        Our factory located in Chang an town, Dong guan city -the famous mould town in china. It is near Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong international airport, with excellent traffic locations, which is a firm foundation for the development of international business.



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        2018 Fakuma Stand No. : FW26-3
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        2017 Fakuma -Stand No. :FO-16B
        Factory view
        Mold For Plastic Mold For Plastic
        Injection Molding Category Injection Molding Category
        Double Material Of Injection Molding Process Double Material Of Injection Molding Process
        How To Choose The Injection Molding Machine How To Choose The Injection Molding Machine
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